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Naomi Velissariou, Rik van den Bos

Mr Jones

Mr Jones <em>Photo: Anna van Kooij</em>

Photo: Anna van Kooij

Frascati Producties (The Netherlands)

Loosely inspired by Le Bel Indifferent: a homage to Edith Piaf by Jean Cocteau

20 Ocktober 2011, Frascati Amsterdam

Running time 50 minutes. No interval.

Director and performer Naomi Velissariou
Double bass Hannes d’Hoine
Text Rik van den Bos
Acting advisor Aram Adriaanse
Directing advisor Abke Haring
Lighting designer Steffie de Haan
Hairdressing advisor Pilo Pilkes

Mr Jones, a performance about a woman who lives love until she has bled her heart dry. A solo with live music, a double bass, and a wig. A wig that’s at least 50 metres long. A strong piece about a woman who is waiting – for everything, but above all for a man.
Whereas in the traditional stage canon the "suffering woman” is often not aware of how and why she is suffering, but in the play, the realisation of suffering invariably leads to desperation, enlightenment, alienation, self-deprecation, lucidity, and finally, more suffering. (A tribute to Amy Winehouse.)




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