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I Speak Through the Costume

I Speak Through the Costume <em>Photo: Blaž Gracar</em>

Photo: Blaž Gracar

A project by students of the third year of Dramatic Acting

Running time 35 minutes without an interval.

I Speak Through the Costume is a project realised by students of the third year of Dramatic Acting within the frame of the elective course of Costume Design under the mentorship of Associate Prof. Janja Korun and Assistant Tina Kolenik, M.A. The purpose of the project was to stimulate the actors to reflect on the role and creative potentials of the theatre costume. Each student has individually conceived a costume in which s/he would perform his/her scene.

Authors of scenes and costumes are students of Dramatic Acting: Lovro Finžgar, Nejc Cijan Garlatti, Lena Hribar, Patrizia Jurinčič, Nataša Keser, Anja Novak, Urška Taufer.

Andrej Vrhovnik, Master's student of Costume Design, assisted in the realisation of the costumes. Anje Ukovič, post-graduate student of Costume Design, was Make-up designer and hair stylist.

Lighting designers were the Master's students of Costume and Stage Design: Mateja Fajt, Adriana Furlan, Tina Mohorovič, Andrej Vrhovnik.

David Orešič was lighting design consultant.

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