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Instant Play/Performance

Playwriting Workshop organised by Maribor Theatre Festival in collaboration with Maribor First Grammar School and Ljubljana AGRFT

A very special one-day workshop of playwriting will be organised under the auspices of the Maribor Theatre Festival and Ljubljana AGRFT. It will host students of Maribor First Grammar School who will write a short text under the mentorship of doc. mag. Žanina Mirčevska. The text will be immediately staged in front of an audience by students of Ljubljana AGRFT. The subject, dramatic structure, dialogue, and the type of play will not be determined beforehand but will be developed during the working process. The event is named "Instant Play/Performance” as it will be created all in one day, in eight hours, from 10 to 18.
This experimental workshop will actually be a short seminar in playwriting with the aim to instigate creativity of young talented people and at the same time to present the power of that creativity.

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